Typo is puzzle-driven sidescrolling adventure. Find your way through a mysterious testing lab in this love letter to the puzzle-platformer, solving tens of unique puzzles in a hand-crafted world.

It’s hard, it’s beautiful. You may even love it.

About the Game

Crude, minimalist architecture. Only the sound of your steps as you traverse through the hallways. That’s the begginning of Typo: you are alone and disoriented. Why is no-one watching? What is the point of the tests? Who is in charge?

In a world with a hundred unique handcrafted puzzles, you need to combine your knowledge with your skills in order to progress. Find secrets, advance to the next level of the lab. You are in control of the results of the test. Only you can make it through.

The Gameplay

The main concept for Typo revolves around using computers to spawn items that will help you solve puzzles. The catch is that only a few keys are active in each one keyboard.

Systemic puzzle design: Wooden boxes float, metal doesn’t. Use this to your advantage and find the best approach for each situation.

Tight platforming: Advance through the lab and push your skills to their limits. Jump, dodge, avoid the obstacles and reach the end of the test.

Secret rooms and optional sections: Discover the mysteries that lie around the lab.

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Madrid, Spain


We are a young Spanish videogame studio launching our first commercial game. We have been developing prototypes and small experiments for years, before daring to take the step and develop a full title and sharing it with the world.

We make games, and we do it for you. We create for the pleasure of sharing, for the seconds of thrill before completing a level. We create for everyone who loves games.

We make games because we love games.