Devlog Two

Devlog Two

Good day to you all!

Santi A.K.A “Wunkifi” speaking, or, more accurately, writing.

Typo continues to grow, and we are showing more and more features every day. It is all coming together nicely, and we are extremely excited to show you what we are working on!

Getting here has not been easy at all, and I can’t even begin to explain how many problems we encountered. And the bugs… Don’t get me started. Granted some of them have been hilarious!

The initial idea was simple enough and the first room designs were easy. Having done a few experiments with platforming games we felt confident in what we had designed so far. As one might expect, these designs were far from optimal. As we tested Typo, we realized somethings were off and other things started clicking.

One of the things we realized we had to add no matter what were platforms. Have you ever played a platforming game without them? I am sure you have not.

So, we started developing them and, it turns out, it is not an easy task. Apparently physics matter for these things, who knew? We had a couple of versions we had to discard and start from scratch until we found one we all felt was satisfying.

With the platforms developed we looked back at what we had done so far and agreed to implement them in the earlies levels we had already designed. As we implemented them, we noticed a few more things we could do with the platforms with just a little change, and so we added these features.

The more features we added the more ideas we had for each puzzle. This was the beginning of our design philosophy, we realized that everything we added could interact with everything we had before in new and exciting ways.

It became clear that we could make a game where each puzzle felt familiar, yet, different, due to the combination of the different pieces we had designed.

And this philosophy has stuck with us during the whole development process! Each time we add a new feature one of the things we ask ourselves is: how does this interact with what we had before? What is a cool unexpected thing we can do with this?

It is amazing how a little thing can change so much. Just by adding this element we brought the gameplay to a whole new level and it just keeps improving.

We are excited with our current platforms which have become a core part of the game. Hopefully, I will be able to bring some examples soon!

Thanks for reading and see you whenever I write one of these again!



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